Cypriot born designer Mala Siamptani obtaining a first honors BA degree in 3D Design (University of Central Lancashire, UK), a Masters Degree in Fashion Artefact (London College Of Fashion),and a second Master’s Degree, in Creative Thinking (University of Central Lancashire. Based in London working as a freelance maker, with relevant jewellery design work in addition to CAD and CAM experience.
As a designer she always had an eye for the strange beauty, grandeur, mystery and dangers of nature; this appreciation is nowhere more evident than in her work.
Examining organic forms, deriving from a vast research on microbiology, her focus is on diseased cells: bacteria, fungi or cancer cells. These cells try to take over the organism by altering cellular genetic constitution, which results in continuing to divide when they should not and so becoming rogue cells.
Inspired by the relationship between the natural world and bilateral symmetry, her idea is to step out of the conventional jewellery/accessories context in order to develop unique series of precious objects.
Symmetry is a chosen subject because it stands out; it demands attention. The human body is considered to be part of this category."Bi-" is a prefix meaning "two," so a bilaterally symmetrical being is one whose body is capable of being split in two identical halves. But the symmetry applies only to the basic framing structure of the body and not necessarily the insides. It plays such an important role in a wide range of human activity. It has enjoyed a special place in both philosophy and theology. In this context, symmetry can be referred to as a great harmonizer and unifier.

6February -3April: 'Unclasped' Discovering contemporary Greek jewellery, Hellenic museum, Melbourne, Australia.
1-31st August: Exhibit at Canary wharf, London, UK.
22May-20June: 6000 fragments, the floating island exhibit, Athens, Greece.
11-18th June The mono Space pop up, London, UK.

9-11th October Joya Art Jewellery fair, Barcelona, Spain.
11-13rd July International talent support, Trieste, Italy.
27-30th June New Designers, London,UK.
12-15th September Group Contemporary jewellery exhibition: CYCOJASS (Cyprus contemporary jeweller association), Nicosia, Cyprus.
1-4 th June Group Contemporary jewellery exhibition: CYCOJASS (Cyprus contemporary jeweller association), Nicosia, Cyprus.
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